Leopard, Bandipur

We got this car gracefully make it way across our safari path at Bandipur.

Tiger on the path

A 100-400 shot of the tiger called "spotty" at Bandhavgarh

Telia tigress

This is the full frame of the female tiger as she walked right up to us.

Leopard stare

Nearly missed the beautiful cat peering at us from behind trees. Manged to fire a few shots before he slunk away into the bushes.

How Yoga Relieves Stress...

Telia sub adult trying yoga postures in the hot afternoon by the lake where he was cooling off..

The Common Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus)

@Hesarghatta Lake

The Bamera Male, Bandhavgarh

This shot is one without the background clutter of jeeps following the Tiger.

What's all the fuss about ?!

A brownfish owl being harassed looking at us.

Thirsty Tiger

Taken at Nagarahole Tiger Reserve, this tiger stopped to sip in a puddle in front of our safari jeep. It was a rainy, drizzly day, and yet the tiger was parched I guess.

Elephant Mother and Calf shower, Bandipur

Mother and calf waded into a water hole to cool off in the summer heat

Leopard, scent marking

@Bandipur National Park, Zone 1. used 2x extender

Elephant crossing..

Elephant scooting across the road in the misty morning light at Kabini

Shaking off water

This tiger looks from a vantage point near the telia lake machan, shaking off water from the swim across the lake.

Makna approaching

This large tuskless male (makna) approached us pretty rapidly and went off the track only after he trumpeted his irriation when we didnt move off his path.

Tiger, early morning

Saw this guy amble off the safari track very early just after we entered the park.

Bandhavgarh Tiger "Munga"

Spotted in the Tala zone of Bandhavgarh tiger reserve. This massive male tiger was on his rounds of the forest and roared every few minutes to attract the attention of nearby female tigers.


This is how one would want to watch the world pass by, no traffic, no hurry...

Breakfast, Yummy !

The katezari male enjoying breakfast one early morning at Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve

Tiger in the bush

One of Bandhavgarh's large males niucknamed "Munga" walking past us amoung bushes.

Tiger Cooling off...

A large male tiger cooling off after a Sambar kill (just out of the frame) early October morning at the Tadoba Lakebed.

Tigeress up close

Got some tight shots with my 600 as the Telia female got too close and walked by the safari jeep.

Tiger at Tadoba

Sub adult female at TATR near the Telia Lake early in the morning. Both She and our safari jeep were surprised as we rounded a bend.

Siesta after a big lunch

This leopard found it hard to find a comfortable position on the branch and settled into this funny pose. Its belly was full and distended after a heavy meal and it tossed and turned as it slept. Reminds me of some evenings after eating out, bingeing on biryani !

The Prince of the pride

A sub adult strikes a pose in the golden sunset on the Masai Mara.

Chinkara, Desert National Park

Gazella bennettii

Tawny Eagle, Desert National Park

Aquila rapax in Desert national park, Jaisalmer, rajasthan

The Great Indian Bustard

Amazing sighting of the rare bird at DNP, the Ardeotis nigriceps

Listening to the jungle

A tiger was eyeing nearby spotted deer that fled with alarm calls. The "eyes" at the back of the tigers ears make an interesting picture.

Mommy on the prowl

A lioness with cubs following her, checks out the plains for a potential meal


Green bee-eater shot in my yard. Made a makeshift hide for this skittish bird

Lion on the rocks

A majestic male suveys the Mara from atop this rock at sunrise.

Mugger Croc, Ranganathittu

March crocodile or mugger as called in hindi, resting on a outcrop in the ranganathittu bird sanctuary.

Cheetah resting after a Kill

Found these two under a bush, panting hard on a warm day after a big meal.


A Male tiger in Bandhavgarh National Tiger Reserve, Zone 2.

One eyed tiger

Shot last year at Kabini Tiger reserve. THis male didnt seem to be affected by the lost eye.

After a refreshing drink

A tigress licks its lips after a cool drink of water at the Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve.

On the Prowl

The Telai tigress on the move in Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve.

Egyptian vulture, @Desert National Park

he Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus), also called the White Scavenger Vulture or Pharaoh's Chicken

Royal look

This big male give us a look with his piercing eyes.

Male waterbuck

@Masai Mara

Yellow throated longclaw

@Masai Mara

Leopard in the Bush

Had to crane far out of the Landcruiser to get this leopard cooling off in a gully @Masai Mara

Leopard,Masai Mara

This cat got up and walked away as it got too hot in the noon. This is the best I could get from the harsh opposing sunlight.

Lion in the evening sun

This young one was lit in choice golden light as we hung around a large pride of lions resting on rocks in the Masai Mara.

Superb starling

A colurful common bird in the Masai Mara. (Lamprotornis superbus)

Power napping lion

A masive male was distrubed by our safari landcruiser and gave us a irritated look as he napped under the sade of a bush.

Tiger on my mind...

Recalling the magic of Tadoba tigers, where I will be next week.


@Bandipur National Park, Zone 1, 2x extender used

Day of the Jackal

@nagarahole, karnataka

Leopard Siesta

Leopard lazing on a tree after a big meal

Indian Jackal

Taken at Nagarahole Tiger Reserve, Kabini. We followed the rather fast moving pack for a while to get a few shots with them standing still.

Dhole on a deer kill

This Dhole glared at us and other dogs warning them off its meal on a deer kill at Nagarahole National Park, Karnataka

Snarling Tiger Cubs

Two cubs of T-19 Krishna trying to cross over from the Rajbagh island in Ranthanbore Tiger Reserve

T6, Romeo

Seen at the zone 5 of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Sleepy Tiger

T-24, also named Ustad gave us a fairly good sighting on safari. It was resting behind a clump of trees and a bit hard to get a clear shot.

Crouching Asiatic Lion

A lion at Gir forest national park, Gujarat, India, seen crouching and staring at the safari vehicle

You Want piece of me?

A grey mongoose is mighty pissed for being disturbed by our safari vehicle at Ranthambore

Sleepy lion

sub adult on warm day at the masai mara.

Tiger in the ruins

One of T-19 Krishna's cubs in the ruins of the rajbagh palace on the lake bed in Ranthanbore Tiger reserve.

Rhinos playing tag

These tank like guys can move fast when needed !

Indian one-horned rhinoceros

A fine example of the Indian rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis), walking into the sunset at the Kaziranga National Park, Assam.

Even Yawning looks deadly !

Another shot of my last tiger signting in Kabini. He Yawned lazily and showed his canines.

Indian Jackal, Kabini

While the rain poured down on our safari trip, this jackal turned up behind us to give a perfect head-on shot. Thanks to skipper Sudhir Shivram, for anticipating the movement and positioning us in this perfect spot. High ISO shot. 1DX saves the day, given the monsoon and dark conditions

Tiger , Kabini

After a bit of a stroll along our jeep track, he decided to sit and watch us for a while.

One Eyed Tiger

Seems like a fight that didnt end well for this beautiful male in Kabini.

Owlet pair, Bandhavgarh

Crested Serpent eagle

CSE perched on an anthill at Rajiv gandhi national park, Kabini.

The Bamera Male Circa 2011

Reprocessed from my last trip. I feel the need to get back there. This male was in a great position for shooting out of the back of the safari vehicle and followed us for about 15 minutes.

Wet cat

One more shot of T-19 Krishna's cubs searching for the others who had already crossed over from the Rajbagh island in the Padam Talao of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Garganey duck

This was shot low water level just outside the Tiger Reserve where we could get off the safari jeep and lie flat on the ground.

Katezari Male

ANother shot of the handsome male cooling off in the lake. Image Cropped to zoom

The King

This large male showed up near the pride we were tracking and gave us a majestic glance

Telia tigress

Had to crane around a tree and shoot, as she walked past us. Pity, the tree hid its tail and has been cropped.

Brain fever bird

The common hawk-cuckoo (Hierococcyx varius), popularly known as the brainfever bird

The white-throated kingfisher

This kingfisher gave us a steady 10 minute shooting time at andipur National Park.

Tiger resting

Rehashing an older sighting from 2014 at Kabini Tiger Reserve.

Tiger T64 on the move

Had a lovely sighting of T64 on the zone 5 of Ranthambhore at the very end of the Safari ride. We were on the way out without any spotting when sambar calls stopped us. T64 walked up to us and past the Safari vehicle.

Riot of blue

A peafowl decided to display its train of feathers in a dance at Ranthambhore.

Tigress "lightning"

After a chital breakfast, she decided to walk past us and paused to survey the hillside for a bit.

Portrait of a Tigress

Up close with Lightning at Ranthambhore is a thrilling experience.

Hidden Danger

The dry forest colors and the tiger have no contrast, making it hard to spot in the summer at Ranthambhore.

The deer Kill

Lightning the new female tigress in the Malik talab area was snapped at our sunrise safari. She had made a fresh kill of a chital foal.

Tiger heading your way !

Krishna ambled along the path of our vehicle and was not shy of us in the way.

Tiger "pacman" on a hunt

Tiger nicknamed pacman at Ranthambhore seen after she tried to rush deer and boars on the lakbed without much success this time.

Hypnotic Tiger eyes

Was an amazing experience to see these hypnotic eyes so close as she walked right up to us. I had to scramble to get the shorter lens body and get this shot. Shooting with 2 bodies always pays off in these situations.

Tiger "pacman" on a hunt

One more 100-400 shot squeezed out as 'Pacman' walked past us.

Cat walk

Tiger nicknamed pacman in Ranthambhore's dry summer days.

Who goes there?

Tigress nicknamed Krishna in Ranthambhore, looks over the ledge to check on the goings on in the gully below. It was fascianting to see her walk around inspecting her territory as we knew that there were other Tigers nearby and she suspected the same.

Pacman on the prowl

Another shot of the tiger "pacman" as he walked up to us in Ranthambhore.

Morning Walk

"Pacman" on his morning rounds at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.

Tigress "Lightning" on the lakebed

Got this shot on the little green there was in Ranthambhore summer time. It is right on the edge of the lake where the grass was not dried like the rest of the forest.

Tiger looking for prey

Lightning stood near us on hihger ground to survey the nearby lake bed. She watched the deer keenly and went into hunt mode as few seconds later.

Tiger on a late evening stroll

It was massive luck and skill of our guide who postioned us for this shot with minutes to spare before the sunset and end of the safari timings. We were the last jeep out that day but the happiest.

Scent Marking Tiger

"Krishna" marks her territory as she came through the shrubs and thick dry grass.

Tiger's gaze

One more from the series of Krishna's encounter in Ranthambhore. She was not at all camera shy !

Tiger on a hot summer day

Lightning relaxing under a tree as summer hits ranthambhore. It is at its peak in June hitting nearly 50 deg centigrade and I am headed that way next week !

Tiger T64

T64 was stalking sambar after a long lazy snooze in the stream at zone 5 of Ranthambhore. It was 46 ish in the evening and all the tigers we saw were near water cooling off. T64 decided to check out the local menu late in the evening and is seen here eyeing the nearby sambar. I was able to get a great first field session with him with the new 1DX mark II

Curious Tiger cub

One of T60's cubs wandered over to the safari vehicle to see what the fuss was all about. Out of the frame are the mother and two other cubs but I could not get them in one frame !

Sloth bear

A rare sighting of the sloth bear. This odd one didnt scoot at the sight of the safari vehicle and kept walking and foraging for ants and worms as it walked right past us.

T60's cub

The curious cub came very close and the mother was just out of the frame watching us with concern.

Tiger surveys his lake

Lightning on the Rajbagh lake as he crossed over a land bridge to the island in the lake

T60's cub - 2

Royal tiger relaxation

T 64 looking at nearby sambar for a potential meal but in no hurry.

Tiger Cooling off

It was 45 degree C in the shade and so we could find two tigers in this stream about 300 meters apart.


This big male walked around the bend late in the evening.

Lightning on the prowl

The young tiger is seen heading down the hill towards a lake nearby in Ranthambhore.

Tiger by the brook

This tigress was wallowing in the water when we reached the spot. She then moved to the cooler parts of the brook nearby.

Tiger by the brook

This tigress was wallowing in the water when we reached the spot. She then moved to the cooler parts of the brook nearby. Reposted as I Re-edited the lighting of the background

Indian Jackal

This one one of the family of five that strolled past our safari jeep.

Cute enough for Ya ??

One of the cubs of T60 at ranthambhore was very curious about us and came pretty close to check up on us.

Head On!

@Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve

Leopard on a tree

A pack of wild dogs got too near this leopard and he went up the tree till they left.

Tigress on the prowl

Sighted a young tigress on todays safari at kabini that was checking out deer nearby for a potential meal

Black rumped flameback

at kabini backwaters at the nagarahole tiger reserve

Tigress resting

This young tigress seen in Nagarahole Tiger reserve. There seemed to be another tiger nearby becuase she called and we could hear alarm calls away form this spot.

Tiger stalking

New pic from the recent safaris at Kabini backwaters of the female tiger.

Baby Tusker

A young male elephantgave us a mock charge while on a safari in Kabini.

Tigress in Kabini

setting out to a stalking of nearby deer.

Wet vs. Dry elephants!

This herd had a nice contrast in between the elephant that just got out of the water hole and one that was still dry.

Strolling Dholes

These two were a part of around a dozen in the pack. They trotted on the safari path for quite a while.

Rise and shine...

Yawning tigress at Kabini, Nagarhole tiger reserve.

Pensive Tiger

Spent a long time with this sub-adult on a rather warm day in Kabini. She got out of the water and rested on this mound of mud.

The Dramatic Pause

This young tiger paused to pose and gave us the look as she walked out of the water hole onto a mud embankment. Taken at the Tiger Tank in Kabini Forest Reserve.

Tiger Tank Cub

Shot at Kabini, Rajiv gandhi national park