Asmita Kiran

Shot at Belur, Karnataka. At a marigold field on a very overcast day

Bhishnoi farmer, Jodhpur

Potter at work

@jodhpur. rajasthan

Rajput in Jodhpur

@Mehrangarh fort, this gent was in costume with the opium distilling (?) kit and hookah.


studio lighting lessons

Asmita Kiran

Tried this portrait with a single side light on the left.

Anirudh portrait

Anirudh Sudershan posing for my sidelighting experiments.

Portrait, Asmita

Asmita "flash modelling" for the 85mm test shots


Kathakali Dancer

Prabal Gupta and his team consisting Kalamandalam Abin Babu perfoming in an Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts event at the Rangoli Metro, Bangalore.


Reprocessing an older shoot.

Asmita Kiran

Hiking in Sunol Valley

My niece

Getting married !

Kathakali Dancer

Kalamandalam Abin Babu perfoming

Happy Independence day !!

Asmita decked up in Indian traditional wear to perform at her school independence day celebrations. Shot in available light outside our house, just before she hurried to the school bus !

Portrait of a Theyyam performance

Went to kerala to see the art of Theyyam, a ritualistic dance perfromance where artisits narrate from mythology. These events are held at temples in and around Kannur, Kerala.

Theyyam artist getting ready

A final check in the mirror before this amazing performance began. Theyyam art form is practiced in the southern state of Kerala Kannur district and surrounding areas.

Theyyam costume with fire

A head to toe shot of the Theyyam costume. The costume setup was all ready and fire torches were lit before starting the rituals

Theyyam portrait

Theyyam performer close up.

All red...

Theyyam performance in Kerala.